Luxurious Reversible Dust Cover Storage Bag for Designer Handbags (3-Pack)

Luxurious Reversible Dust Cover Storage Bag for Designer Handbags (3-Pack)


SKU: mps-456 Color:

Black & White (Reversible)



Size (includes one of each):

S/M 14″ W x 10″ H; M/L 18″ W x 18″ H; L/XL 24″ W x 22″ H

Item Number: 456

18 in stock

MPS custom designed dust bags are the perfect solution to keeping your handbags and closet shelves looking their best. MPS has created these beautiful REVERSIBLE dust bags with our customers in mind. They are made of soft and luxurious microfiber which is gentle on the leather, can be used to polish the hardware, and protects your bags while looking chic on your closet shelves. The white interior prevents dark color transfer on light or bright color handbags, but can also become the exterior color of the dust bag if that works better in your closet.

These storage bags are available in 3 sizes to fit any handbag, from clutches to large totes. The 3-Pack includes one dust bag of each size (s/m, m/l, l/xl). Save over $10 by buying this multi-pack. If you need multiples of other sizes, check our listings to create your own multi-packs!


Fabulous!!!!!! Quality!!!!!! Could not ask for more. Thank you! Anonymous

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